Original Works Showcase

Are you a Playwright with a new script that you’re working on? Wondering if it’s ready to go into production?


Here you will get to explore your script with a group of Actors and a Director/Moderator with the goal of fine tuning the text without the pressures of a full production looming over you. Do the words sound right for each character now that you hear them actually spoken? Are some of them redundant & the moment better conveyed by Actor Action? Are your intentions & ideas clearly understandable to the Director & the Cast? Do you need more Stage Directions? Etc. Etc!

Any creative production team can only build upon the bedrock of the script they start with & this program is a wonderful opportunity for Playwrights, novice or seasoned, to fine tune their work before pressing “send” to the publisher!

Sound interesting? Why not reach out to us & start collaborating your way to the best script you’ve ever written? Let’s see what we can do! Theatre is, after all, a TEAM SPORT!


Imagine life was scripted and you found a page of that script. Imagine you are right now reading a synopsis for Within a PlayWithin a Play tells the tale of a group of actors putting on a play within a play, when they find a page of the script “Within a Play” and are forced to wrestle with the possibility that they are within a play.

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Tickets are $10.00 each unless otherwise indicated. 

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