Main Stage Shows

GLT has been performing for the residents of Halton Hills for over 60 years! As we continue to digitize our archives and performances, more show photos will be added in the near future. Check back for a trip down memory lane.

A comedy by By Patrick Cargill                                                                 

Complications abound when Charles and Margery entertain Robert and his new wife, Jane, whom they have never met. Robert arrives without Jane and Charles confides that he had a brief affair with Jaynie. He has covered his tracks by not giving her his address. Minutes later Jaynie arrives on the doorstep! Charles passes her off as Robert's missing wife, while telling Jaynie that Margery is married to Robert. This wild deception is compounded by the arrival of another attractive girl. As the men struggle to keep the women from revealing their true identities, Margery herself is keeping a secret.

April 15-17, 20-23, 2016

John Elliott Theatre / 9 Church Street / Georgetown