Main Stage Shows

GLT has been performing for the residents of Halton Hills for over 60 years! As we continue to digitize our archives and performances, more show photos will be added in the near future. Check back for a trip down memory lane.

A comedy by Robert Ainsworth When Max’s girlfriend throws him out, he begs his friend Steve to stay at his place for 2 weeks. What starts out as a joke on Steve by Max putting on a wig and dress, turns into the first of many mistaken identities. The hysterics start when Steve’s Mother visits from England wanting to meet her new daughter-in-law, Susie, who does not exist. With the help of Steve’s friend Patricia, the daughter-in-law ruse is maintained until Max’s girlfriend finds out she is pregnant and Steve’s ex-girlfriend, the real Susie shows up pregnant. See what lengths Steve, Max and Patricia will go to keep all this from Steve’s Mother.

February 10-12, 15-18, 2017

John Elliott Theatre / 9 Church Street / Georgetown